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Essential Oils for Relieving Depression

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Anxiety and depression are one of the leading health conditions that affect many people. Some of the possible signs that signal depression includes moodiness, low-self esteem, sadness, and loss of appetite, fatigue. Essential oils are effective natural remedies for this condition.

Most of these oils work by listing the patient’s mod. They act as emotional triggers. The body’s limbic system is responsible for evaluating the sensory stimuli, registering pressure, safety, pain or danger. This, in turn, creates and directs emotional response including the feelings of anger, fear, attraction, and depression. The human body is capable of responding to overpowering scents. The following are the top essential oils used it relieving depression.

Bergamot Essential Oil

This oil has potent antidepressant and stimulating properties. bargamotYou can use this oil to improve circulation of blood and creating a feeling of freshness, energy, and joy. A study that was conducted in Thailand in 2011 proved that this oil is effective in relieving anxiety. It is applied by rubbing some drops into the hands and cupping your nose and mouth. You can also breathe in this oil slowly or rub it on the stomach or feet.

Ylang Ylang

This is another type of essential oil that has surprising health benefits. It is mainly used in staving off negative emotions that are associated with depression. Ylang ylang essential oil is known for producing positive results immediately when inhaled. It is useful in releasing negative emotions like jealousy, low-self esteem, and anger. This oil is either massaged onto the skin or diffused in the home to enhance mood, confidence, and self-esteem.


Many people have been using lavender oil for many centuries to lavender oilbattle this health condition. It is safe for use since it does not have adverse side effects. This oil is helpful in reducing anxiety disorder and postnatal depression. It is also used in patients who are suffering from traumatic stress disorders. Again, this oil has impressive results such as enhancing mood, decreasing sleeping disturbance. You can diffuse it in your family room at night or in your bed to improve sleep and relieve stress.

Roman Chamomile

This is a powerful medicinal herb which is used in promoting relaxation and fighting stress. It is one of the main ingredients used in aromatherapy products and candles. It can be in the form of essential oil tea or tincture. Additionally, it has soothing properties that help in cooling emotions and relieving depression. Patients can ease depression and anxiety by inhaling chamomile vapors.